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Textile Chemistry

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Duration : 4 Years – Semester Pattern

All About Textile Chemistry

In recent times, textile chemistry has validated a terrific change in its innovation and development. The development in textile industry reveals in increased production of textile goods which primarily affects the textile chemistry.

New chemical technologies are developed foe the growth of textile chemicals in accordance with environment safety.

The demand for textile chemicals in the world is estimated to increase 2.8%. Consumption of textile chemical in India is also increased

Textile chemistry is a field of science that applies the principles of chemistry for the manufacturing of textiles. Textile chemists involves in clinical research, process development, testing and dyeing of the garments.

The strongest growth in the textile industry, textile chemists have come up with unique ideas for making textile chemical industry make eco friendly. Synthetic chemicals are replaced by natural one in order to increase durability. Textile chemicals at low cost are in great demand all over the world. Synthetic production of such chemicals is encouraged and employment opportunities in textile industry are getting boosted.

Course Curriculum

Textile chemists should have the depth in understanding the structure and properties of fibers and also perform as experts in post treatment of fibers. Textile chemistry student should have the knowledge in the following areas:

Organic Chemistry
Polymer Science
Structure and Properties of Fibres
Technology of Yarn Manufacture
Chemistry and Technology of Intermediates and Dyes
Physical Testing of Textile Materials
Wet Processing Machinery
Computer Colour Matching
Dyeing of Synthetic Textiles
Garment Manufacturing and Processing
Water and Effluent Treatment and Pollution Control
Financial Management in Textile Industry
Modern Printing Technology
Technical Textiles
Fibre Reinforced Composites
Knitting Technology
Home Textiles

Career Opportunities

Textile chemists can find jobs with organizations involved in application of textile materials, and to their functional modification in various fields. Textile Technology professional can find a career in the fields given below:

Fashion Designing
Garment Manufacture
Dye House
Costume Designing
Pattern Making
Fashion Consulting
Export Houses
Fashion Merchandising

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