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Production Engineering

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Duration : 4 Years – Semester Pattern

All About Production Engineering

Production engineering refers to the intricate design and careful planning that makes a raw material into desired product. Such a process can be quite broad, incorporating everything from the initial stage to final with quality assurance.

Every field in the world depends on the process of manufacturing. Production Engineering makes the process easy and smooth.

Production Engineer assists in the quality control, follows the deadline of the production, debugging problems in the manufacturing process.

Production Engineering is a evolution of both the manufacturing technology and material science. A production engineer should have thorough knowledge an all the fields of engineering and have the capacity to manage challenges related to production. The mission of production engineer is to make the process smooth, fast and in most economic way.

The development of an industry which mainly based on accuracy of products. Production engineers involves in assisting the process to make sure that it can be manufactured quickly and cheaply. Industrial engineers also use production engineering to design processes and estimation of manpower, machines, materials, resource.

Course Curriculum

Production Engineers are involved in the every stage of production. The production engineering student should have thorough knowledge in the following areas:

Material Science
Foundry and welding Technology
Kinematics and Dynamics of Machines
Machine Composite Design
Engineering Metrology
Fluid Power Drives and Controls
Jigs, Fixtures and Press Tools
Mechatronics for Automation
Lean Manufacturing
Machine Vision
Green electronics Manufacturing

Career Opportunities

In the present scope of production engineer is huge. Production engineer involves in the every stage of production, quality control and debugging of a material. Production Enigneer is required in almost all the fields. The few fields where production engineer can get a career are:

Automobile Companies
Industry inspection
Industry quality control
Industry production management
Food Processing Industries
Process Industries
Research Organizations
IT sectors

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