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Pharmaceutical Technology (SS)

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Duration : 4 Years – Semester Pattern

All About Pharmaceutical Technology (SS)

Modern technology of pharmaceutical industry is revised by mechanized concoctions and manufacture of medicine instead mixing chemicals and potions.

The market of Indian pharmaceutical industry lies third largest position in terms of volume and thirteenth in terms of value. Generic drugs are currently produced in large quantities. India is the largest provider of generic drugs accounting to 20% of global experts.

In the coming years, the Indian pharmaceutical industry is expected to grow over 15% per year between 2016 to 2020, will outperform the pharmaceutical industry of the world.

The pharmaceutical Industry is major field for providing the career opportunities for chemical engineers and looking for pharmaceutical technologists. Pharmaceutical engineers are dealing with the transformation of raw materials into valuable drug products by chemical, biochemical or physical processes.

The Indian pharmaceutical market size is at a trigger pace and expected to grow to US$ 100 billion by 2025, as consumer demanding, consumer spending, raising health care. The better growth in domestic sales can be achieved bu aligning the product towards chronic therapies for diseases such as such as cardiovascular, anti-diabetes, anti-depressants and anti-cancers.

Speedy introduction of generic drugs into the market has remained in focus will drastically benefit the Indian pharmaceutical companies. Pharmaceutical technology grows along with increase in population as disease got diverse.

Course Curriculum

Pharmaceutical Technology is a field in which integrates the study of chemistry, chemical engineering and develop skills in formulation of medicine and drug delivery. The course which encapsulates the following areas:

Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Cell and Molecular Biology
Biochemical Engineering
Medicinal Chemistry
Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics
Industrial Management
Pharmaceutical Production Management
Genetic Engineering
Pharmaceutical Packaging Technology
Downstream Processing
Herbal Technology

Career Opportunities

The Indian pharma companies are taking a way front in research and development for faster drug development and providing growth opportunities. Opportunities for graduates in pharmaceutical technology in fields such as:

Research of Pharma
Biotechnological Plants
Phyto chemistry
Designing Quality Drugs for Diseases
Biomedical industry
Biopharmaceutical Plants
Drug Production

Find colleges offering Pharmaceutical Technology (SS) course

A4N Rank Rating Code Name Intake
002 AA+ 0002 University Departments of Anna University, Chennai ? ACT Campus 60

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