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Petroleum Engineering

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Duration : 4 Years – Semester Pattern

All About Petroleum Engineering

Petroleum Engineering involves in the development of new technology to recover oil and gas from gas field in an efficient and profitable way.

As the demand of petrol is immeasurable, the Petroleum Engineering becomes the core industries. In 2016, the demand for gas will touch 124 MTPA with domestic supply of only 33 MTPA and imports of only 47.2 MTPA and leaves a shortage of 44 MTPA. Research should be done in the industry to increase the domestic supply of oil and gas.

Petroleum Engineering Students help locate natural reservoirs of petroleum deposits. Demand of such professionals are required in high range.

Petroleum Engineering trains and focuses on the exploration and production of oil and gas. The petroleum engineering in the future is developing new technologies in order to recover the oil left behind after the application of conventional methods of extraction.

Various measures are taken by the researchers to enhance hydrocarbon reserves and increase the production of oil and gas. Numerous graduates from the petroleum engineering discipline are required in the research of new technologies to increase domestic supply of oil and gas.

Petroleum Engineers secure an energy balance between environmental status and affordable supply and research of oil and gas. Petroleum engineers are in great demand so that the important issues will be solved that will lead to energy security.

Course Curriculum

Petroleum Engineering overlaps with various engineering disciplines such as environmental, geological, petrochemical etc.,. Petroleum Engineering student should have the basic knowledge in the above fields. Some of the fields that are incorporated with the curriculum are:

Organic Chemistry
Petroleum Engineering
Spectroscopic Techniques
Natural Gas Engineering
Mass Transfer
Petroleum Refining
Petro Chemicals
Reservoir Engineering
Enhanced Oil Recovery

Career Opportunities

Since the operations of the petroleum companies are mostly worldwide, petroleum engineers have the opportunity to work all over the world. Petroleum engineering graduate is given the work to discover natural sources of oil and do research for the same. Petroleum Engineer student can pursue his career in the following fields:

Exploration Engineering
Research of Petroleum
Refinery Engineering
Oil & Gas Corporations
Marketing of crude and Petroleum products
Geo science

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