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Nano Science And Technology

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Duration : 4 Years – Semester Pattern

All About Nano Science And Technology

Nano Science and Technology is a field that is new and exciting and which is predicted to impact nearly every aspect of our daily lives

The U.S. market value of products using nanotechnology is estimated to be $1 trillion or 5% of the GDP by 2020.

70% of future innovations in medicine, aerospace, Food and Electronics will be enabled through Nano Science and Technology Engineering.

According to the IEEE-affiliated website: TryNano.org, Nano science and Nano technology are fields that focus on the behavior and properties of matter at the nanoscale level—dimensions that are roughly 1 to 100 nanometers (1nm = 10-9 m).

Nano Science and Nano technology is manipulation and simulated study / research/ work of any matter (matter can be anything- chemicals/bio/etc) on atomic, Nuclear and super molecular scale. In other words, Nano Science and Nano Technology refer to the broad range of research and applications whose common trait is size.

The Nano Science and Nano Technology Engineering course aims at creating engineering talents to focus on Nano science as a tool/ technology enablement to manipulate the research and thoughts from Nano scale to Macro scale.

Course Curriculum

Nano Science and Nano Technology Engineering course is a more research oriented program, which pivots the student as a researcher across various industries and path breaking research ranging from Health care to Avionics and this course will be a great enabler for future innovations in Applied Science. Nano Science and Nano Technology Engineering course in engineering encapsulates the following focus areas as course subjects:

Engineering Biology
Material Science
Elements of Nano Science and Technology
Solid state Technology
Thermo Dynamics
Instrumentation Techniques
Nano Materials Properties
Quantum Mechanics
Synthesis of Nano Materials
Nano Photonics
Micro & Nano Fluidics
Characterization Techniques
Nano toxicology
Surfaces and Interfaces Science
Molecular Nano Electronics
Polymer and Nano Composites
Thin Film Technology
Micro Nano Devices
Functionalization of CNT and Metallic Nano particles
Lithography and Fabrication techniques
Nano Magnetism
Energy Systems

Career Opportunities

Engineers working in nanotechnology deal with materials and technologies on a miniscule level. Nanotechnologists have an option to work in varied fields. They have a career option as medical scientists, food scientists or even engineers. They can develop treatments and repair damage, new technologies to aid food production or develop computer components or super-strong materials.Various Fields in which Nano Science and Nano technology engineering student can secure his career are,

Food science including quality control and packaging
Materials science including textiles, polymers, packaging, among others
Auto and aerospace industries
Sporting goods
Medical fields and pharmaceuticals
Environmental monitoring, control, and remediation
Electronics/semiconductor industry
University and federal lab research
Military and national security
Energy capture and storage

Find colleges offering Nano Science And Technology course

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044 B+ 2607 K.S.Rangasamy College of Technology (Autonomous) 60

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