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Material Science And Engineering

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Duration : 4 Years – Semester Pattern

All About Material Science And Engineering

All Engineering disciplines depends on the development of new material. Material Science and Engineering has been propelled to the forefront in the recent years.

In the future we will see more energy-efficient homes that use intelligent materials and intelligent designs. Future world needs will require materials that are recyclable or biodegradable. Material Science and Engineering will play a significant role in the future.

The future will bring ever-increasing challenges and opportunities in industries such as aerospace, transportation, electronics, energy conversion, and bio-medical systems.

New and improved materials are an "underpinning technology" - one which can stimulate innovation and product improvement. More emphasis will be placed on reclaiming and recycling.

Materials Science and Engineering is a field of engineering that comprises of varied materials types and how to use them in each field. Material science studies involves in studying all sorts of materials, right from a metal to complex materials, such as polymers or magnetic materials.

Material science and Engineering course involves in understanding the actual properties of a material and its performance; how it can be applied to in our everyday lives, or for a specific necessity. This course is also involved in teaching how the materials work in industrial capacity.

Material science will be involved researching on material recyclability, on the know-hows of creating a light weight material, work on robustness of a material, depending on a specific purpose.

Course Curriculum

Materials Science and Engineering requires a well-rounded education and research experience. Advances in technology are perpetually changing the tools of materials engineering, so to maintain the technical competence various areas are encapsulated in Materials Science and Engineering which are as follows:

Thermodynamics and Kinetics
Metrology and Measurements
Non - Ferrous Metallurgy
Powder Metallurgy
Welding Metallurgy
Corrosion and Surface Engineering
Environmental Science
Polymer Process
Nano structured materials
Bio and Smart Materials
Ceramics and Refractory Materials
Automotive Materials
Semiconductor Optoelectronic Materials

Career Opportunities

Virtually all industries demand people with backgrounds in Materials and Science engineering. Materials and Science Engineers could be monitoring impurities in steel, shrinking the size of circuits, or designing new materials for a missile. Industries may employ materials engineers to various fields such as automobiles, to reduce the overall weight of a vehicle, or in the field of electrical engineering to remove limitations in power plants, or research product failures. The Following fields in which a Material Science Engineer can choose his career:

Metallurgical Industry
Ceramic Industry
Semiconductor Processing
Plastic Engineering
Aerospace Product Manufacturing
Computer and Electronic Product Manufacturing
Research in Life Science
Nano technology
Chemical Engineering

Find colleges offering Material Science And Engineering course

A4N Rank Rating Code Name Intake
104 C 1301 Mohamed Sathak A.J. College of Engineering 60
111 C 3841 C.A.R.E. Group of Institutions 60

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