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Manufacturing Engineering

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Duration : 4 Years – Semester Pattern

All About Manufacturing Engineering

Manufacturing Engineering deals with the building of a complete product from basic raw material. Manufacturing Engineering plays a key role in the Indian Economy.

India is emerging as the global hub for manufacture and expected to touch US$ 1 trillion by 2025. India is planning for the raise of GDP to 25% in order to provide 100 million jobs in the upcoming decades.

Many new technologies are introduced in fields such as food processing, Metal forming and forging, machine tools, chemicals, Steel, Pharmaceuticals, Automotive, Petrochemicals, Auto components, Telecommunications for the improvement of productivity, efficiency and competitiveness of industrial sector.

Manufacturing Engineering deals with the designing of high quality, economically valuable products. These systems may include various technologies such as robotics and automation to turn raw materials into new product in economic and efficient way.

Indian manufacturing field is important for its economic growth. Several new technologies are introduced to promote micro small and medium enterprises in order to improve the manufacturing industries. Around 90 million domestic jobs are waiting for the manufacturing engineers in the upcoming years.

With the evolution of public sector with the private enterprise of the manufacturing industry, strong growth has been achieved. In the upcoming years, the manufacturing sector’s importance to the economy is set to increase further by changing the nature of the sector, supply side advantages makes the country to become a global hub for manufacture.

Course Curriculum

Students specializing in Manufacturing Engineering will study the core areas of manufacturing, production and quality assurance. Manufacturing Engineers develop skills by focusing their knowledge in many engineering fields. The core areas in which Manufacturing Engineering student should concentrate on :

Casting and Welding Technology
Metal Forming and Powder Metallurgy
Process Planning and Cost Estimation
Hydraulics and Pneumatics
Machine Design
CNC Technology
Metrology and Computer Aided Inspection
Industrial Management
Finite Element Analysis
Nano Coating
Metal Cutting

Career Opportunities

Manufacturing Engineers work on products from design to distribution. They work in the production of micro products to the big one such as computer chips, food, toys, automobiles etc., Few of the fields where manufacturing engineer can choose as his career :

Automobile Industry
CNC Industries
Food and Drink Manufacturing Industries
Oil Industry
Plastic Industry
Pharmaceutical Industry
Plant and Machinery Manufacture

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