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Electronics And Instru Engineering (SS)

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Duration : 4 Years – Semester Pattern

All About Electronics And Instru Engineering (SS)

Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering articulate the importance of electronics in the instrumentation field.

The field of Instrumentation has diverse changes in real time applications, computing, data retrieval, telemetry, remote control systems and in health care.

Another aspect of Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering depends on the engineer’s involvement in field of Automation. Automation being one of the latest trend in all Industries, is therefore highly in need for talented professionals in the field of Electronics and Instrumentation to achieve the requirements.

Instrumentation Engineering is a specialized branch of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, primarily focusing on the principles and operation of measuring instruments used in the design and configuration of automated systems. Instrumentation technology helps in design, construct and control devices found in manufacturing sectors and research.

Electronics and Instrumentation engineers having good exposure in these areas will be highly effective in various requirements of industry focus areas. This field is highly versatile and focuses on areas like telecommunication, automation, robotics, nanotechnology, optical communication etc.,.

Course Curriculum

The course curriculum involves with the study of engineering concepts along with industrial parameters. Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering is a variable field focuses on areas like :

Environmental Science & Engineering
Electrical Machines
Transducer Engineering
Control Engineering
Industrial Instrumentation
Digital Signal Processing
VLSI Design
Fibre Optics and Laser Instrumentation
Digital Image Processing
Power Electronics
Robotics and Automation
Virtual Instrumentation

Career Opportunities

Electronics and Instrumentation Engineers are required for all the automation controlled industries. The scope is very large for the electronics and instrumentation professionals. With growth of the process industry across all over the world, Instrumentation engineers are in great demand. The Electronics and Instrumentation Engineer can secure his job in the following fields :

Steel Industry
Cement Industry
Automobile Industry
Rubber Industry
Food Product Industry
Petrochemical Industry
Power and Defense Production

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