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Electronics And Communication Engineering  (SS)

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Duration : 4 Years – Semester Pattern

All About Electronics And Communication Engineering  (SS)

Electronics and Communication Engineering involves with the electronic devices and transmission of information through various channels.

The application of Electronics make our life easier and development in the communication field makes our information exchange much faster.

India’s communication sector with 966 million strong subscriber as of March 2015 and is the world’s largest communication subscribers. Electronic industry grows along with the development of communication.

The development in the field of electronics such as television, radio, computers, mobile phones etc made our life luxurious and work easier. The transmission of information through channels such as coax cable, optical fiber or free space was found. New transmission channels are further developed for betterment in the transmission.
The application of electronics and communication are reaching from the indoors of the house to the outdoor of industries. Every device in the house as well as in the industries are incorporated with electronic equipment. The work of electronic engineer is to direct control the mechanism, test the process and ensure safety. Electronics and communication engineers are very much needed in all the sectors.

Course Curriculum

Electronic and Communication Engineering aims to develop the knowledge and ability of the students on the core areas that will train them in their professional work. The following are some of the core areas :

Electrical Engineering and Instrumentation
Digital Electronics
Signals and Systems
Electronic Circuits
Communication Theory
Electromagnetic Fields
Linear Integrated Circuits
Control System Engineering
Digital Communication
Transmission Lines and Wave Guides
Microprocessor and Microcontroller
Computer Architecture
Computer Networks
Optical Communication and Networks
Embedded and Real Time Systems
Medical Electronics
Operating Systems

Career Opportunities

Electronics and Communication Engineering gives a great career opportunities for the students. The professionals can work in communication, power generation and distribution, telecommunication, medical equipment diagnosis. The fields in which electronics and communication engineer can get a career path in:

Telephone Industries
Civil Aviation
Power Sector
Hardware Manufacturing
VLSI Design Industry
Television Industry
Research & Development
Postal Department
Telegraph Department
Software Industry

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