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Chemical Engineering

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Duration : 4 Years – Semester Pattern

All About Chemical Engineering

The revolutionary green engineering, biomimicry and sustainable engineering are currently the movement in the field of Chemical engineering, thereby improving economic feasibility, protecting health of the people and reducing pollution in the environment.

India is the 8th largest producer of chemical and petrochemical products and the 3rd largest in Asia, with an approximate market size of 100 billion US$. It is also the 4th largest producer in the agro chemical industry.

There is a strong support for the Research and Development in the chemical industry from the government of India and is one of the most diversified fields.

Chemical engineering is the field of study involving production, transformation and transporting of chemicals, materials and energy. Chemical engineers use physical sciences and life sciences to turn raw materials into usable products such as polymers, petrochemicals and consumer products such as soaps, detergents, cosmetics and medicine.

Chemical engineer would be involved in various industries in terms of designing, researching or conducting experiments to validate a product. There is a huge impact in the chemical industry with the emerging challenges faced by the bioengineering and Nano technology fields.

Chemical engineer will have a space in areas such as genetic engineering, dye manufacturing, fabric manufacture or in the field of medicine.

Every industry therefore requires the expertise of a chemical engineer.

Course Curriculum

From Biotechnology to mineral processing, from genetic engineering to Nano technology, chemical engineers can be part of diverse industries. Chemical engineer can research or experiment in many fields that involve interesting fields of study. Chemical engineering covers the following areas as part of the curriculum:

Chemistry for Technologists
Organic Chemistry
Solid Mechanics
Fluid Mechanics for Chemical Engineers
Physical Chemistry
Material Science
Environmental Science
Chemical Process Design
Drugs and Pharmaceutical Technology
Polymer Technology
Biochemical Engineering

Career Opportunities

Chemical engineer works in many field in many designations like the chemists, industrial engineers, materials engineers or the electrical engineers. Chemical engineering students can find the opportunities in any of the following industries:

Petroleum Refineries
Process Plants & Equipment
Production of Chemicals
Textile Engineering
Oil & Gas Industry
Research in Genetic Engineering
Research in Nano Technology
Production of Fertilizers
Rubber Industry

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