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Bio Technology (SS)

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Duration : 4 Years – Semester Pattern

All About Bio Technology (SS)

The growth of biotechnology is very strong as it involves high innovation. Biotechnology has variety of application in the fields of agriculture, medicine and health care.

India has all the ingredients to become a global leader in affordable healthcare. Within five years, the biotechnology will grow to US$ 100 billion with the increase of annual investment from US$ 4.01 billion to US$ 5.02 billion.

The convergence of technologies in computer and biotechnology will step up the redesign of all the living things. Biotechnology is growing as a most profitable field.

Biotechnology is a science in which new technologies are developed with the help of biological processes, organisms, cells and its components. The products evolved from biotechnology are used in research, agriculture and health care.

Modern Biotechnology provides products and technologies which are used for curing of rare diseases, reduction in environment footprint, efficient manufacturing process in the industry. Eco friendly products are developed with the help of biotechnology.

Another interesting area in the biotechnolgy is the bio-markers and companion diagnostics, which will enable optimization of biotech drugs. Hence the biotechnology industry in India has immense potential to emerge as a global key player.

Course Curriculum

Biotechnology is a overlapping field and also dependent on knowledge and methods from certain sub fields such as bio informatics, bioprocess engineering, chemical engineering. The following areas that the biotechnology student should dwelve in to acquire knowledge:

Cell Biology
Bioorganic Chemistry
Chemical Engineering
Environmental Science and Engineering
Industrial Biotechnology
Molecular biology
Genetic Engineering
Marine Biotechnology
Cancer Biology
Plant Biotechnology
Animal Biotechnology
Biopharmaceutical Technology
Stem Cell Technology

Career Opportunities

India has no leap of talent in biotechnology and have opportunities in both government and private research sectors. Various opportunities are there for the talented biotechnologists in many fields. Fields in which Biotechnology student can pursue his career are:

Research Institutes
Health care
Genetic Engineering
Biochemical Industries
Bio - Informatics
Veterinary field
Food Processing Industry
Microbial Laboratories

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004 AA+ 2006 P.S.G. College of Technology (Autonomous) 60

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