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Biomedical Engineering

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Duration : 4 Years – Semester Pattern

All About Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering is the best engineering discipline which applies engineering concepts to medicine and biology for health care purpose.

The developments of Biomedical Engineering is both diagnostic and therapeutic. The heavy research in molecular, cellular and tissue engineering needs the involvement of biomedical engineers.

The advances in medical imaging and medical diagnostics are due to biomedical implements paved a great path for the field of health care and medicine.

Biomedical Engineering is the area of engineering which merges engineering principles with medicine. This field has got vast potential for research and development in medicine to improve life quality. The future of medicine which lies along with the development of biomedical engineering.

A Biomedical Engineer must be capable of resolving a medical problem and satisfies the clinical requirements. They develop clinical instruments which includes devices such as cardiac monitors, clinical computers, artificial hearts, contact lenses, wheel chairs, artificial tendons etc. Biomedical engineer is also a part in managing the technology in hospitals and health care.

The future of Biomedical Engineering depends on the development in the fields like chemistry, material science and biology. This field has the capability to extend the quality and length of human life.

Course Curriculum

Biomedical Engineering is concerned with diagnostic and therapeutic devices. The biomedical engineering student must be capable of dealing with the many field of medicine and engineering. The following areas are the core fields where the biomedical engineer should dive in:

Bio chemistry
Sensors and Measurements
Anatomy and Human Physiology
Medical Physics
Pathology and Microbiology
Bio control systems
Bio Materials and Artificial Organs
Biomedical Instrumentation
Hospital Management
Radiological Equipment
Diagnostic of Therapeutic Equipment
Pattern Recognition and Neural Networks
Medical Informatics
Medical Optics
Rehabilitation Engineering

Career Opportunities

Bio-medical engineers can find career openings in a wide range of industries in the world as it involves research and development. Bio medical engineers have got enormous opportunities in various places. Some of the fields are given below :

Health care
Medical Equipment Manufacturing Units
Industrial Firms
Marketing of Medical Equipments
Research of Medicine
Dental Clinics
Health Clinics
Food Processing Industries
Research of Drugs and Chemicals

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