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Agriculture And Irrigation Engineering (SS)

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Duration : 4 Years – Semester Pattern

All About Agriculture And Irrigation Engineering (SS)

Agriculture plays a key role in the growth of Indian economy, contributing to 18.5% of National income; about 15% of total exports and supporting 2/3 of work force.

Agricultural and Irrigation Engineering is getting updated with new mechanization to increase the production and productivity.

Agricultural and Irrigation Engineering inputs have played an important role in increasing production and productivity through appropriate mechanization.

Agricultural equipment market was valued at Rs. 299.1 billion and has enormous potential for further growth.

Agricultural and Irrigation Engineering, where engineering principles are applied for the improvement and advancement of agricultural industry.Hi-tech agricultural graduates are in great demand due to the global trend toward standardization of all agricultural products and equipment.

Agricultural and Irrigation Engineering is a great career choice for those who have intense agricultural knowledge along with engineering skills. The career opportunities for this field has increased because of developments in biotechnology and various agri related fields.

Course Curriculum

The course curriculum of agricultural and irrigation engineering deals with areas of farm equipments, rural structures, soil errosion, irrigation and rural electricity. Agricultural and Irrigation Engineering course in engineering encapsulates the following focus areas as course subjects

Principles of Agricultural and Irrigation Engineering
Soil Science and Engineering
Environmental Science and Engineering
Food Science and Nutrition
Hydraulic Engineering for Agricultural Engineers
Crop Production
Groundwater and Well Engineering
Irrigation Engineering
Remote Sensing and Geographical Information System
Integrated Water Resources Management
Dairy and Food Engineering
Agricultural Economics
Bio-Energy Resource Technology
Soil and Water Conservation Engineering
Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security

Career Opportunities

Agriculture and Irrigation Engineers have many opportunities in public and also in private sectors. State department of agriculture is one of the largest employers of agricultural and irrigation engineers. Private firms and NGOs involved in growth of agriculture and also provide variety of opportunities. Various Fields in which Agriculture and Irrigation Engineering student can secure his career are

Agriculture and Food Science Industries
Bio-medical industries
Landscape Solution
Conservation Scientists and Forestry
Civil Engineering includes Irrigation Design, Farm Design, Canal works, Farm Building
Mechanical Engineering includes development and testing of tools, Engines and machines
Food Manufacturing
Soil Conservation Projects
Crop Storage and Processing
Canal Irrigation Projects
Land Reclamation Projects
Hydrologist includes water quality testing and availability
Sales, Marketing and Service of Farm Equipment

Find colleges offering Agriculture And Irrigation Engineering (SS) course

A4N Rank Rating Code Name Intake
001 AA+ 0001 University Departments of Anna University, Chennai ? CEG Campus 60

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